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yadav_nepal_1yadav_nepal_2The Yadav

(about 60 million people)

One of the largest unreached people groups in the world.

The Yadav live in almost every state of India, in the South of Nepal and in some locations of Bangladesh and Pakistan. Several tens of thousands live in some Western nations where they settled during the last decades. data_for_profile

nepal_yadav_presidentThey are a caste comprising of milkmen, cowherds, cattle breeders, cultivators and laborers. In the last three decades they have become politically powerful in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and are a major challenge to the political supremacy of the Brahmans.

Also in Nepal changes are taking place. Dr. Ram Baran Yadav (Photo) was elected on July 21, 2008 as the first president of Nepal.

The majority and the highest concentration of the Yadavs live in North India.

Let’s be inspired by the quotes of the following mission leaders.

  • Patrick Johnstone: “The vast North Indian region contains the largest un-evangelized people groups in the world. North India is probably the touch stone of our success or failure in completing world evangelism in our generation”.
  • Dr. Luis Bush: “If India is at the ‘core’ of the 10/40 Window, North India is at the ‘core of the core’ and Bihar is at the ‘core of the core of the core’ of the 10/40 Window!” 

According to www.GodLovesYadav.org the Yadav are ‘the core of the core of the core of the core of the 10/40 Window’ as they are the largest and least evangelized people group of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

southasiapeoplesyadavcolorramp– Most of the Yadav have‘Yadav’ as their title which makes it easy to identify them.
– 99.7% of the Yadav are Hindus and worship lord Krishna but have also many local gods.
– They speak more than 50 different languages depending of the location.
– Seven languages have more than 1 million speakers
– 15 language groups have between 100,000 and 1 million speakers.
– More than 25 other language groups have less than 100,000 speakers.

The Yadav are primary oral learn

  • Therefore storytelling, audio Bibles and media are great and effective tools to reach them!


   “Millions of Yadav never heard the name of Jesus even once.

It breaks God’s heart.

Let your heart be broken with that what breaks God’s heart!”

The harvest is plentiful, but few nationals are interested to work among the Yadav.

Why is this? The old name for Yadav was Ahir what means foolish and stupid. In South India, where they are called Yadava, the meaning of their name is foolish if you pronounce it a little bit wrong. Because of this, maybe God spoke to different people in different nations to start a work among this people and to inspire others to do the same?! In God’s eyes they are not foolish but chosen, wise and potential!

Yadavs can be very effective missionaries.

Many of them are selling milk door to door.

As disciples of Jesus they will be able to evangelize their community while going from door to door to sell their milk.

“What they are in the natural they will be in the supernatural.”

Pray for:yadav_on_buffalo

  • Organizations, churches, prayer groups, families and individuals to adopt the Yadav.
  • Evangelism and church planting work in every nation, every state and all 700 districts.
  • Yadav people group movements and church planting movements in India and Nepal.
  • Yadav evangelists and church planters to be raised.
  • Strategy Coordinators and People Group Advocates for every language group.
  • Short term teams to come over and help.
  • Relief workers to bless the Yadav and other yearly flood victims in North India.
  • Long term church planting teams to be released.
  • Work to be started among every one of the more than 50 Yadav language groups.
  • The Yadav to give up their faith in superstitious beliefs, like astrology and talismans.
  • To end the practice of child labor among the Yadav people.
  • For good and affordable education in all villages for every boy and girl.
  • For literacy and community development.
  • For Bible translations and audio Bibles available in every Yadav language.
  • For radio and television broadcasting.

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Our Yadav end-vision:

“We want to see
Yadav house fellowships
in every village, town and city
obeying the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ gladly,
worshiping and witnessing in their mother tongue,
multiplying rapidly and
transforming their community and beyond.”


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