Yadav movie projects

create_filmingA Yadav People Group Profile movie project and an Evangelistic movie project.

1: A people group profile movie

Create international made a people group profile movie… Released NOW! Yadav people group profile movie with English – Dutch and Korean subtitles

Purpose of the movie:

  1. To bring more awareness in the Christian world about this people group
  2. To raise more dedicated prayer partners, financial supporters and field workers from all over the world and to take care together that the ‘growing’ ministry among the Yadav will continue to grow healthy.
  3. To build and sustain partnership with individuals, churches and organizations interested in the Yadav and other unreached people groups.

We are ready for part 2: an evangelistic movie!


2: An evangelistic movie

  • A Yadav contextualized evangelistic movie will be a great and effective tool, as most of them are oral learners. Create international is willing to produce this also.
  • We expect that hundreds of missionaries, evangelists and pastors will be blessed by this movie and use it to reach out to the unreached millions.

Quotes that encouraged us a lot are:
“The vast North Indian region contains the largest un-evangelized people groups in the world. North India is probably the touch stone of our success or failure in completing world evangelism in our generation” from Patrick Johnstone

“If India is at the ‘core’ of the 10/40 Window, North India is at the ‘core of the core’ and Bihar is at the ‘core of the core of the core’ of the 10/40 Window!” from Dr. Luis Bush.

“The Yadav are the core of the core of the core of the core as they are the largest people group in the state of Bihar!” (Rudi Yadav)

I dare to say because I’m convinced of it that this movie production will increase the move of God among the Yadav to draw many more of them in His love!

Please pray for the preparations of this project and consider prayerfully to invest in a great harvest among the Yadav and beyond by contributing financially!

The price to realize the remaining part of this project is 1,50,000 Indian Rupees what is about 2800 US Dollar or 2200 Euro.

For the Yadav people and beyond.