September 2012: Pray for the Yadava in Tamil Nadu

Tamil NaduScripture of the month: “My tongue will proclaim your righteousness,  your praises all day long.” (Psalm 35:28)


This month we like to pray for the Tamil speaking Yadav people. Most of them live in Tamil Nadu (South India) where Tamil is the first language.


The total population of Tamil Nadu is 66,4 million and has 537 people groups. With 2.8 million people the Yadav people are the third largest people group of Tamil Nadu. The majority of them will be found in the Northern districts.


Most of the time in Tamil Nadu the Yadav will be called Yadava.


Even though there are many more churches and believers in most of the South Indian states, compared with North India, Yadava believers are hard to find. Therefore we ask you to pray this month with us for the Tamil speaking Yadava people.

Pray for the existing ministries among them.

  • Pray that they will not give up reaching the unreached until they are reached!

But above all:

  • Pray for new ‘holistic’ ministries to be launched among the Tamil speaking Yadava people!

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God bless you all!