September 2011: Pray and / or give for a new school project

handsinprayerScripture of the month: Isaiah 29: 19. (NIV Bible)
“Once more the humble will rejoice in the LORD; the needy will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel”

This month we want you to pray with us for a new school project in Naugachia in the state Bihar. 

Many villages where Yadav are living have no proper schools.

“We want to see all villages
good education
available for  all children”

A school for Naugachia: 1 town, 3 targets:

  1. Flood victims (yearly)
  2. Yadav people (30% of the population)
  3. Children (about 10,000 belong to the 4to14 Window)

Why Naugachia? Because it started with a divine appointment!

naugachiaIn 2001 I met a Yadav family during a train trip from Bihar to Mumbai. They invited us to come to their village and to start a Christian school. It was a divine appointment. They had wanted to become Christians for several years but in Naugachia there were no believers, no church, and no bibles yet.

Now by the grace of God there are a few believers, a small church (house fellowship) and Bibles available! But the request for a Christian nursery and primary school is still not answered.

We hope to start the school in April 2012. Please pray and give as the Lord leads you, and you will be a huge blessing for this precious village with about 30,000 inhabitants.

We received the total budget to start the school but:

We need people who like to support the monthly expences and a person who is able and willing to lead this school.  (Let’s pray!)

Below you can find a list of monthly expenses.  The goal is to stop the monthly support after 3 years as we want the school to be self supporting.

Monthly expenditure

Building with 6 rooms

5000 Rs.

80 Euro

120 US Dollar

5 teachers (5x 2,000 Rs.)

10,000 Rs.

160 Euro

240 US Dollar

Principal & office bearer

3000 Rs.

50 Euro

70 US Dollar

If you are able and willing to contribute financially for the monthly expences please make use of our Paypal account or our bank in Europe ( ) for Indian account details please contact us.

 God bless you all,

Rudi for the Yadav and beyond.