Reviving the church to reach the unreached

It’s been over two thousand years since Jesus gave us the Great Commission. Today, almost a third of the world identifies as Christian. We now have more resources to help spread the Gospel than at any other time in history. Yet, the task of the Great Commission still has not been fulfilled!

So what is wrong? Why has the church still not reached everyone with the Good News?

  • Part of the problem is that the church has slipped into a state of lukewarmness. Christians have lost their first love for Jesus, and as a result they no longer care about the unreached. We desperately need genuine revival to sweep through the modern church!
  • Another problem is a lack of awareness. If you talk about the concept of unreached people to the average Christian, you will most likely receive a blank look in response. Although the Bible is full of commands to take the Gospel to every people group, there is very little teaching on this subject in the modern church!
  • A third problem is the inefficient, outdated, and unbiblical focus and structure of the modern church. This is the problem I want to focus on in this article.

When the church was born after the resurrection of Jesus, believers simply met in houses to pray, break bread, fellowship, and hear the Word. There were no elaborate structures or distracting programs to keep Christians back from pursuing what really matters. Followers of Jesus were passionate about proclaiming the Gospel throughout the world. They were unstoppable! However, after Constantine made Christianity the official state church of the Roman empire, things started going downhill. Power-seeking and politics began controlling church doctrine and disputes. Christians began building large cathedrals to gather Christians in instead of sending them out like Jesus commanded. As a result, the Great Commission fell by the wayside.

The good news is that today God’s Spirit is moving to awaken His sleeping church and thrust them into the harvest!

It is imperative that we think about the most effective way to reach the unreached. If believers simply met in homes with lay pastors, that would free up 100% of the tithes and offerings to support missionaries who are reaching the unreached! If these missionaries simply planted more house churches in unreached areas, the Gospel could spread very quickly and efficiently!

Let’s not continue with business as usual in the church for the sake of comfort or tradition. Millions of Yadavs and other unreached people have their eternal destinies hanging in the balance!

(Ephesians 5:14)