October 2014: Pray for the Yadav of Madhya Pradesh.

MP map


Scripture of the month: Jesus said to his followers, “There is such a big harvest of people to bring in. But there are only a few workers to help harvest them. (Matthew 9:37 ERV)

This month we like to encourage you to pray for the unreached (Yadav) people in Madhya Pradesh. 

We just received news that in a certain district of Madhya Pradesh ministry started among the Yadav people and that’s great and let’s pray for a great success of that ministry! 
But let’s also pray for the big picture. The whole of Madhya Pradesh, all districts, all people groups, all people, …)

Total Population: 77,183,000

Number of People Groups: 663

Unreached People Groups: 621

Major religions:

Hindu 95.4 %

Muslim 5.9 %

Christian 0.3 %

More info on people groups of the state of Madhya Pradesh can be found on http://joshuaproject.net/states_districts/IN/IN35