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Who Is God?

About the Film

A few men in the village walk and talk. The JESUS film has been shown in their village and it’s made an impression. One man keeps remembering how Jesus brought the daughter of Jairus from death to life.

The men are convinced Jesus had a connection with God to perform the miracles He did. They continue walking and find a band of men singing praises to God. The men say God can be seen in the people of the world and that He gives them life. They claim that if people look for God with truth in their hearts, they’ll find Him.

A son comes to his father and reports that their land has been prepared. But they don’t own their land. They owe a debt to their landlords, one they don’t think they can repay. Their landlords give them no mercy. But the son reminds the father that God sees them and rules everything despite what they may see or feel.

When God created the world, everything was good. But now, there’s no justice. The father wonders what happened to the good God who created everything. The son assures his father that God is still good. But it was man and woman who changed everything by disobeying God. The world changed. And we were all separated from God. But God sacrificed Jesus, His son, to redeem us so we could be with Him again.

They talk about Jesus fighting corruption in the temple, insisting that injustice shouldn’t be a part of this world. The son agrees that God is kind and shows love and mercy and allows people to return to Him through Jesus. He who knows Jesus knows God.God allowed Jesus to be crucified for us out of unconditional love. And because Jesus reconciles us with God, we can talk with God again and He will care for us.

What does God do to show His love, grace, and mercy for us?

How does God reveal His character and power through Jesus?

What can we know about God and ourselves through the sacrifice of Jesus?

5 Episodes

Who Is God?

Who Is Jesus?
Prayer, Talking to God 18:50
Living as a Disciple of Jesus 20:02
Sharing Your Faith With Others 16:49 Who is Jesus?
18 mins