MegaVoice: “A Digital Solar-Powered Audio Bible.”

soloarbibleboythe treasure for webThe MegaVoice Player (sometimes also called “The Treasure”) is a solar-powered, digital audio Bible. Available in many languages for young and old.

You who read this may have daily access to electricity and be able to read or listen Gospel messages on radio, television or the internet whenever you feel like. But in many of the villages in India and Nepal there is only electricity for a few hours a day or not at all.

Most people in India and Nepal are oral learners!

Therefore MegaVoice is a great tool for the people living in remote villages but also for those in towns and cities!
Megavoice helps us to reach out and teach God’s Word to the reached and the unreached, the educated and the uneducated, to literate and illiterates.

  • Megavoice, a way to hear God’s word and grow in faith even when you don’t know (like) reading.  (if well explained how to use)

Let’s be Generous and Give a Villager a Solar Bible…

1,000 Indian Rupees (25 US Dollar or 18 Euro) is enough to buy a MegaVoice and bring it to the harvest field.
wants to bring at least 500 units a year to the field. Let’s partner!

  • Please pray and give a one time / regular donation as the Lord leads.

More info can be found on the following websites of partners who share this vision: