May 2011: Pray for the multiplication of prayer partners

harvest_field_with_few_workersThis month we have a prayer request combined with a practical challenge.

Last month I travelled for 2 weeks through Bihar with 2 of our friends. As we visited different villages we got again and again the revelation that the harvest is truly plentiful as Jesus said in Luke 10:2,3 and John 4:35 but that the workers are few, very few.

In the natural it is harvest time in North India but more important to know and believe is that it is also time to reap the harvest in the supernatural!

The Spiritual harvest does not depend on the climate but on hunger for truth and Jesus Christ is the Truth! The Truth can not be found in a religion but in a Person. His name is the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.

So let’s pray:

  • That the Lord will raise more Yadav focused workers.
  • For the multiplication of our prayer partners.


  • We challenge you to challenge at least one more person, family, church or organization to sign up as a Yadav prayer partner!


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God blessed all of us to be a blessing! The unreached need you, your prayers and / or your support!