March 2014: Prayer for Vaishali district

Scripture of the month:

 For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is God’s powerful method of bringing all who believe it to heaven. (Romans 1:16a – Living Bible)


This month we like to invite you to pray with us for Vaishali district in Bihar. (North-India).

Vaishali Bihar Districts

According to JoshuaProject Vaishali district has a population of 3,4 million people. There are 215 people groups living within this district.  With 536,000 people the Yadav are the largest people group in the district followed by the Dosadh (362,000) and the Koiri (205,000)


I write this while I’m on the way with a team of 6 going to this district to make a difference for the Gospel makes a difference as big as heaven and hell are!




  • Please do pray for our team. Pray that we will be able to plant Gospel seeds where they have never been planted!!!
  • Pray for all Yadav people in the district to get at least once in their lifetime an opportunity to hear the Message that saves.
  • Pray for all towns and villages in the district to be reached with the Gospel. (most of them are complete unreached) 
  • A small team loves to show the Jesus movie and the Daya Sagar (Hindi version of the Jesus movie) in all 128 villages of Mahua subdivision. They are urgently in need for a new equipment. Shall we pray for this need?

Can you also consider prayerfully to send a donation to meet the need of this team and to help them continuing going from village to village to show the movies with the life saving message? Please contact us if you want to donate or visit this website page to donate . The amount needed for this equipment (generator, projector and sound system) is 1100 Euro or 1600 US Dollar.



God bless you all!