March 2010: Pray Untill Something Happens!

Let’s start with praising the Lord for what He has done in the last month!

  • We almost completed the script for the people group profile movie.
  • We printed new Yadav prayercards in English and for the first time in Hindi.
  • A lot of work has been done on the website and some new people started to sign up as commited prayerpartners.
We can only be  glad and rejoice and want to challenge and encourage you to pray for “Spiritual leaders come to Christ” Spiritual leaders are gatekeepers in the community but they can become the gateway to the community!
Do you know about PUSH? Pray Untill Something Happens. Sounds nice but I think we don’t have to pray untill something happens but untill His will be done and His Kingdom comes! All people worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth! Godly leaders are supposted to leaders teach about Gods righteousness and to lead people into Holiness!

Please let us read and pray trough the following. Only today or every day of the month?! Untill it happens!!! 

Bless you,

Rudi Yadav.

Regional: Spiritual leaders come to Christ

Yadava of India


Spiritual leaders are gatekeepers in the community. They are key to opening doors for the Gospel. When they have a revelation, they tell everyone about it. If they have an encounter with Christ, everyone will hear about Him.



Ps. 98:2 The LORD has made his salvation known and revealed his righteousness to the nations.



Lord, You are the true God, and there is no other. Your name is above all other names. There is no one who is like You, no one who can compete with Your love and faithfulness. Your name is worthy to be shouted from rooftops and glorified in every place on earth!

Lord, make Your salvation known to the Yadava of India. Call to account their spiritual leaders, and open their hearts to know You. Lord, reveal Your righteousness to the nations, let today be the day of salvation for a spiritual leader of the Yadava of India. I ask for dreams and visions and powerful encounters with Your spirit, that would offer undeniable evidence that You alone are God. Let them shout the news of Your son from all the high places, and open a gateway to the Yadava of India for the Good News!

Break down the deception that clouds their mind from Your truth, and release the revelation needed to embrace Christ as their Savior. Cause their lives be a powerful testimony of Your truth and redemption. Let them shout the news of Your son from all the high places, and open a gateway to the Yadava of India for the Good News!