list of the ministries we are partnering with… 
loves to partner
with all those who love God
and love to make Him known
among the Yadav. 

See a list of the ministries we are partnering with…

You can be added to this list if you love God and love to make Him known among the Yadav people.

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Moved For All Nations brings awareness in the body of Christ about the existence of the millions of people who never heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They set the Yadav people group as one of their top priority to pray for and to reach out to.

They adopted the Yadav people group in prayer and are committed to send short and long term teams / workers among the Yadav.


logo Joshua Project

Joshua Project

Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the least followers of Christ.


create international

createinternational people


God Loves Yadav made with the help of Create International a Yadav people group profile video production and loves to help others to make a people group profile movie or an evangelistic movie to reach a particular unreached people group.


YWAM’S Adopt-A-People Program:

YWAM’S Adopt-A-People Program:  If you sign on with YWAM’s Adopt-A-People Program, you will be partnering with YWAM to see that the gospel is proclaimed and churches planted. This is normally a long-term commitment. Your level of involvement depends on you.