Jesus Film Project In Bihar

To reach the villages of Vaishali district and beyond.

biharmoviemapA small team, together with a few volunteers from local churches, wants to show the Jesus movie in unreached villages.  

Twice they rented a projector, a generator and a vehicle to show the movie in 5 villages. All the villagers heard the gospel and cell groups started in all of these 5 villages. 

The team regularly goes back performing skits and action songs, preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick.  

They have seen God at work and the Jesus movie helping people to understand the Gospel. They plan to show this movie to at least the rest of the villages from Mahua subdivision in Vaishali district.  

  • Mahua subdivision has 9 blocks.
  • Each block has 150 to 200 villages.
  • 70% of the villagers are Hindu and 30% are Muslim.
  • 15,3% of Vaishali districts’ population are Yadav people but there are still no known believers among them.
  • 60% of the population is illiterate.

That’s why the Jesus Movie is the most effective method in these villages.

Bihar is ready for harvest. The Message has to reach every individual as soon as possible.      The Jesus Movie in the local language will help people to understand and accept the Gospel of Jesus, increase the harvest and enable us to start at least one house church in every village.

Please pray with us.

God bless you.