Januari 2013 God’s concern for all the peoples of the world

Genesis 10:32 “These are the clans of Noah’s sons, according to their lines of descent, within their nations. From these the nations spread out over the earth after the flood.”


global worldIn Genesis chapter 10 we have a record of the first listing of unreached peoples. If there was any doubt about the universality of the Bible message, this chapter lays it to rest.

The Bible is a book about God’s concern for all the peoples of the world. It begins here in Genesis 10 and ends in Rev. 7:9 with representatives from every nation, tribe, people, and language worshiping the Lamb. You might say that one of the main purposes of the Bible is to document the progress of God’s plan to redeem all peoples from Genesis 10 to Revelation 7.

Pray that the Yadav caste will humbly understand their connection with other peoples, and their need for a savior.

Yadav People

Was that someone outside? Daru’s heart thumped hard within her chest. She shrieked and tried to run as angry men barged in. Daru looked into the dark, pitiless eyes of the Yadav men as they threw her to the ground. They yelled at her, spit at her, and eventually took the blade to her throat. Daru’s soul slipped from her body to the delight of the demons who controlled the mob.

Daru is one of many victims of “honor killings” which make up about 10 percent of the murders in India, according to The Telegraph of India. And what was Daru’s crime? Her son married a woman belonging to a higher Yadav caste. Although the practice of honor killings originated with Islamic Sharia Law, it has passed into some Hindu communities, including that of the 54 million Hindu Yadava people. How it must crush the heart of the Loving God to see those created in His image so brutally treated!
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Pray that the many evils contained in this people group, such as child labor, severe subjugation of women, faith in talismans and astrology, will be overcome by faith in their Deliverer who waits for their permission to enter their hearts, lives and souls. Pray for the salvation of the Yadava people, that God might send many workers among them. Pray for the Yadava people to seek the living God and turn from astrology and talismans.-PE

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