God Loves Yadav

Yadav, a mega unreached people group.


The Yadav are a ‘MegaPeople’ of over 60 million, (Nearly 1% of the world’s population) living all over India and in some parts of Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan but mostly in north and central India.

They are the largest people group in the most unreached states of India (Bihar and Uttar Pradesh).

Among the Yadav, there are estimated to be no more than a few thousand Christians (less than 0.02 %).

God loves the Yadav people and desires that none of them should perish (2 Peter 3:9).

Unfortunately, most Yadavs die never hearing the Good News about Jesus Christ. The Yadav have access to multiple caste levels because of their trade as milkmen and cattle herders. There are key to reaching North India and beyond. They are open to the Gospel.

Really they are open to the Gospel!

This is Gods time to reach out to the Yadav. The Lord opened our eyes and we are convinced that the Yadav are ripe and ready for the harvest. 

Now is the time to reach the Yadav people!

Originally we had doubts about the timing of reaching the Yadav, but once we visited the regions with high Yadav concentrations, God opened our eyes…  Now truly is the time to reach the Yadav. They are ready to hear and accept the Message of Hope trough faith in Jesus Christ.

Their large population, position in Indian culture, and distribution throughout the nations make the Yadav a very strategic part of evangelizing the heart of the 10/40 Window.

God is moving among the Yadav, and in places where work has begun, they are receptive to the Gospel.  But to fully reach 60 million (or more) Yadav with the Gospel, many workers and a powerful movement of God is needed. This can happen as Christians around the world join us and commit themselves to pray, give, and go for the cause of the Yadav. 

By joining us in reaching the Yadav, you will be a part of finishing the task of bringing the Gospel to the heart of the most unreached part of the world.

  • Are you willing to adopt (pray regular for) this people group? (Individual or as a church)
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