February 2011: Pray for the Yadav 4to14Window

If you are new on our list we welcome you and bless you in Jesus Name!

For some of you the topic of the month can be as repeating but please read and pray! Some things are new and the work is not done yet!

Scripture of the month:

Matthew 18:5: “And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”

What is the 4to14Window?

The 4/14 Window refers to the demographic group of 1,2 billion children worldwide ages 4 to 14, which is the most open and receptive group to spiritual and developmental input.

The Yadav 4to14Window (20 million children without the Good News of Jesus Christ!)

  • Can you imagine? 20 million children of whom most of them never heard about Jesus Christ who is the Best Friend of Children? Let’s pray that all of them will get the opportunity to come to know Him!
  • All of them have the potential to become worshippers of the Living God! Let’s praise God for that!

April 14, 2011. A global day of prayer for the 4to14Window.

  • United praying for all children between the age of 4 to 14 all over the world! Please consider to participate!

Rudi for the Yadav and beyond.