widows_miteAmy Carmichael an earlier missionary to India once said: “You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

Please, consider prayerfully to give in obdedience to God’s voice! is a ministry of Moved For All Nations, a European mission with a global vision. Therefore donations will go via Moved For All Nations.

You can donate: Trough Paypal or for people living in Europe it may be easier to use our bank account in the Netherlands or Belgium. (For people paying taxes in the Netherlands donations to Moved For All Nations Netherlands are tax-deductible)

Please always mention “God Loves Yadav projects” when you donate!

Moved For All Nations Netherlands.

Beukenlaan 52.
City: 5541VM Reusel.

SWIFT / IBAN-code:
NL 49 RABO 0103 7266 08

Moved For All Nations Belgium:

SWIFT of IBAN-code: BE50 9796 4898 9518

BIC-code: ARSPBE22