About GodLovesYadav.org



  • To communicate the love of God for all people to all people.
  • Has a specific calling and commitment to express Gods love to the Yadav Diaspora.
  • Is born out of love for God and men.
  • God has a special plan with the Yadav people. We like to make this known to Yadav people all over the world.
  • With more than 60 million people is the Yadav one of the largest unreached people groups (ethnic groups) of the world.
  • With very few people interested to develop the Yadav community there is room for you to come over and help us.
  • Loves partnership!
  • Everyone can help us by praying for the Yadav people and more. (See get involved, resources or projects)
  • Can only succeed with your help.