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Yadav movie projects

A Yadav People Group Profile movie project and an Evangelistic movie project. 1: A people group profile movie Create international made a people group profile movie… Released NOW! Yadav people group profile movie with English – Dutch and Korean subtitles Purpose of the movie: To bring more awareness in the Christian world about this people group […]

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What can I /we do to help?

Yes you can help! Thank you for joining Browse the Get involved menu and the resources to see the options. Please Download and print the prayercard info and share them with others. Share or recommend info  via facebook or other social links Info Prayer Cards click the link for pdf  print  

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Amy Carmichael an earlier missionary to India once said: “You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.” Please, consider prayerfully to give in obdedience to God’s voice! is a ministry of Moved For All Nations, a European mission with a global vision. Therefore donations will go via Moved For All Nations. You […]

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About To communicate the love of God for all people to all people. Has a specific calling and commitment to express Gods love to the Yadav Diaspora. Is born out of love for God and men. God has a special plan with the Yadav people. We like to make this known to Yadav people […]

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February 2010: Pray for a strong prayer network!

Info How your Prayers can impact  God Loves Yadav project Workers: God’s favor for workers Intro Workers cannot get the job done without the help of people outside of and within the community they are trying to reach. They need support financially and logistically, and a solid network to help them further the cause of […]

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Prayer Cards

Info Prayer Cards via thinks link Download God loves Yadav prayer card You can print them out to remember you can also read Yadav prayer profile          

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God Loves Yadav

Yadav, a mega unreached people group. The Yadav are a ‘MegaPeople’ of over 60 million, (Nearly 1% of the world’s population) living all over India and in some parts of Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan but mostly in north and central India. They are the largest people group in the most unreached states of India (Bihar and […]

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A Prayer for the World

PRAY WITH ONE VOICE A Prayer for the World Almighty God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, We gather with believers all over the world, to glorify You as Creator of heaven and earth. You alone are holy and righteous. We submit to Your authority. We praise and adore You alone. Father, we honour You […]

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