Flood-proof elevated water stations

bihar_mapThe pictures below shows our first completed flood proof elevated water station in a village in Bihar!

Our vision is to see every village that suffers because of the yearly floods having a elevated water station with a proper toilet and bathroom in it. This will provide people clean drinking water during the floods and that reduces the possibility to get sick with about 50%!

Consider prayerfully to partner with us to bring the Good News of Jesus with Word and Works to these villages!

Flood-proof elevated water stations provide… hope, health and life for Bihar flood victims.

Bihar, one of the poorest states of India, home for more than 95 million people. Includes more than 14 million Yadavs. Suffers every year because of floods. They usually start in August.


 Toilet inside the waterstation 1Waterstation 1Over the last 10 years the floods have increasingly killed more and more people and damaged and destroyed more and more houses, etc.

  • 1996: 207 people died
  • 1999: 800,000 people homeless
  • 2001: 8 million people homeless
  • 2007: 15 million people homeless, more than 1,000 died, 14,000 houses destroyed, 44,000 houses damaged…
  • 2008: Again the flood affected millions of people (over 2.3 million people in the northern part of Bihar). 220,000 houses destroyed…. More than 2,000 died, …


 “Yearly thousands of people have no way to survive without shelter or clean drinking water.”

What happens during the floods?
  • All normal water supplies, stored food, growing crops and seeds for the next year’s crops are heavily contaminated and rendered useless by flood water.
  • Having fled from their flooded homes, the majority of people are unable to rescue their livestock.
  • The people can’t boil or sterilize the poor quality water that is available to them.
  • This situation often leads to serious infections and diseases.
  • Therefore, those using the wells during flood periods should be provided with suitable sealable containers with screw tops so that they can transport the clean well water safely through the floods to the point of use without risk of contamination by the flood water.

 A solution?!

  • Constructing flood-proof elevated water stations will provide many people clean water for drinking and washing.
  • Having clean drinking water and having the opportunity to bath and wash clothes with clean water will also strongly reduce the health problems.


The floods are like a nightmare but we have a dream…

“Flood-proof elevated water stations being constructed in every affected village.

What do we need?

  • Finances: The price to build 1 flood-proof elevated water station is 50,000 Indian Rupees, equal to about 700 Euro or 900 US Dollar.
  • Finances to provide suitable sealable containers with screw tops.
  • Volunteers to help us raising funds.
  • Global and local people / organizations to help us constructing the water stations.
  • Peoples / organizations to teach the villagers on hygiene, health and safety matters.