Fiji church prays for the Yadav and beyond

Fiji church prays for the Yadav and beyondFiji India partnership

So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink. (Luke 5:7 – NIV)

Dear friends,

There is power in Holy Spirit led partnership! Please read the following testimony send to us on our request as we learned that this church in Fiji had prays for the Yadav and other unreached people groups. Read, pray and be inspired. There is power in partnership! (and it all starts with prayer for the harvest)

Our small church Hanisi Mission AOG in Suva, Fiji is blessed to have pastors with a heart for missions. Since last year we have set apart the last Sunday of every month for world missions. On this day our service includes presentations of unreached people groups, testimonies from visiting / returning missionaries, giving to missions and lifting up prayer points for the unreached people groups. Each month we are given 4 (our church has 3 districts and a street ministry) new people groups to research and pray for; and then we present them on our missions Sunday.

In July this year, district 3 was given the Yadav people of India. My research led me to the God Loves Yadav (GLY) website. God is awesome! I learned that before we came to pray for India, they had prayed for Fiji! God continues to burden our hearts and that of our pastors for the Yadav and as we obey Him in prayer and supplication we notice the shift in prayer line to the workers who are and those yet to come.

I pray that we from Hanisi Mission will have workers to the Yadav! If we remain in the centre of God’s will, when we pray, give or go; we are fulfilling the great commission. Since we started focussing on world missions and in particular the unreached people groups, as well as sowing into the mission field; we have been greatly blessed. We are going through a revival in our church especially in our youth and children. This Sunday our district is presenting the Dhobi people of India.

Thank you to everyone at GLY! May God continue to bless you and may the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be lifted up in the Yadav! Indeed God loves the Yadav!

Dear friends and partners in the harvest. Let’s pray for:

  • More divine partnership all over the world for the benefit of the people groups, such as the Yadav, still unreached with the Gospel.
  • Let’s pray for the churches in Fiji and beyond, to grow in love, prayer, giving and going till the whole world knows that Jesus Christ is Lord.
  • Pray that your church will grow in love for God and unreached people groups of the world.