February 2015 : “Then when you call, the Lord will answer, “Yes, I am here.”

This month we were encouraged by a email message we received!

We want to share it with you.

It was about looking down and finding keys and to be called for prayer and reaching out to the unreached around us!

And asked to focus this month at The Yadav !

Will you join and using your keys to heaven?


From the FM South Asia Leader’s Desk:


I hope this last few weeks have been full of “God moments” in your life. God desires to encounter us, to show us His glory and Presence more and more! He comes to us in the big and little things. The other day I was out running and I ran past a casual acquaintance I hadn’t talked to in about four years. Suddenly, I heard this deep, rich and loud voice say to me “I’m proud of you!” Wow! That was weird I thought. Why would this guy randomly say that? Then, I realized my Father God was speaking to me through him!

Another day I was praying and asking God to release keys and new strategies to us in this season. I looked down on the ground as I was praying and there was a key on the road. Weird, I thought. No, not weird. It was just a little sign from God that he was listening and will answer my prayer!

In Isaiah 58:9 it says “Then when you call, the Lord will answer, “Yes, I am here.” Later in verse 11 it says “The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength.” As we call out to Him this month, he is saying to us “Yes, I am here.” He is ready and willing to act on our behalf. Our prayers, prayed in faith, make a real difference. He is here. He is ready. Let’s pray boldly this month for significant breakthroughs and for supernatural events. Let’s ask the God who is here with us, ready and waiting, to do the impossible among the unreached around us. Nothing is too hard or too much for our God, and He is ready and waiting to act.

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People Group Focus of the Month : The Yadav

Some facts :

With a population of 60 Million plus, the Yadav are one of the largest unreached people groups.
They are spread over India, Nepal and parts of Bangladesh.
Most of the Yadav have ‘Yadav’ as their title which makes it easy to identify them.
99.7% of the Yadav are Hindus and worship lord Krishna but have also many local gods.
They speak more than 50 different languages depending of the location.

Millions of Yadav have never heard the name of Jesus even once.
Prayer Points:

Pray bold and specific prayers for the unreached around you
Take time to thank Him for His willingness to be with us and ready to act
Ask God to guide you and restore your strength. Pray this verse over your teams, believers and the other co-workers throughout South Asia.
Pray for a continual growth in all of our faith to believe God for the impossible, to hope in His promises and to love others like never before.