15 years focus on the Yadav people !


Joshua 8:18, 19: Then the LORD said to Joshua, “Point the spear in your hand toward Ai, for I will hand the town over to you.” Joshua did as he was commanded. As soon as Joshua gave this signal, all the men in ambush jumped up from their position and poured into the town. They quickly captured it and set it on fire. (NLT)
It was on December 24th, 2000 that I got the complete conviction in me that it was God’s plan for me to focus my ministry on the Yadav people group. Today the Yadavs count more than 60 million people of whom most of them live in India and Nepal and are still unreached with the Good News of God. 
For the last 15 years God’s Word, revelations and guidance kept me in track and today I see… breakthrough is on the way!
GLY 20002015
In the last months we have been contacted by people from different nations whom showed not only interest in praying for the Yadav people but some of them also gave financial donations and were interested to send short and / or longterm workers to minister to the Yadav people.
Friends, I see that a breakthrough is on the way! The Lord is preparing His army to take back what the enemy has stolen! Our feet are standing on solid ground! Shall we sing together for the glory of God? Look what the Lord has done! He paid the price in full, He went to the enemies camp and conquered him! He is the same yesterday, today and for ever! Let’s praise Him and move forwards to bring the Gospel of salvation to all Yadavs and beyond. We are more than conquerers. We are blessed to be a blessing!
God blessed you and you will bless the nations as you move forwards into your destiny!